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Black Dolls from the Past

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In the middle of getting ready for this year’s biggest Black doll show and The Grand Opening Weekend Gala in celebration of the National Black Doll Museum, Black Dolls from the Past decided to asked Debra Britt  to stop everything and  answer a question about the wonderful events unfolding at the museum.  No, We did not ask about the many services offered by the Museum such as Seminars, Group & Schools Tours, Workshops, parties and Special events. No, Dear Hubby would not give it a rest until his question got his main question answered so inquiring minds want to know...  


What does Doll E Daze Mean?


Debra Britt:

Doll E Daze  was conceived in 2003 ,  In 1998 my nephew was 5  we attended a soccer game , out of nowhere  distraught he exclaimed "this is why I want to be white" Santa is never coming to our house just look everybody is white" I was alarmed and felt we had let him down . I immediately began to search for as many Black Santa's and angels as I could. I asked my husband to rent me a storefront for Christmas and that year in the city I opened an "Ebony Village".  That  passion stayed with me and in the summer of 2003 I  checked  eleven  libraries surrounding me and in the inner city  to see if they had display cases  if they did  I asked  if I could exhibit my dolls in their library for Black History Month. Each library would have a theme for every era, theme, and medium.  I decided I wanted to Dazzle the public put them in a daze with my dolls hence Doll E Daze.  


Welcome to Black Dolls from The PastThis site is dedicated to the preservation of Black doll history. We are focused on antique and vintage dolls that represent people of color throughout the world. © 2013

The National

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Debra Britt

"I think I am on an incredible journey. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. It is definitely a reality show in the making. I opened a museum. There is no money and it’s a challenge Yet, every doll has a story and someone has to tell the story. Our children need to know that they come from greatness. They can find it in the features of dolls that look like them."



B.W. Flowers 

Doll -E-Daze presented the Grand Opening Weekend Gala for the National Black Doll Museum located at 288 North Main Street. Mansfield Center,Massachusetts from September 27 to 29, 2013.

It was be-dazzlingly.  The Museum  artfully used dolls to facilitate a self guided tour through Black history.     Debra Britt, Founder of the National Black Doll Museum,  History and Culture, successfully presented the nuances of American history through dolls.  

Britt emphases is not just on the thousands of dolls in the National Black Doll Museum, but focuses on the  history that springs forth from the many exhibits. Every room of this expansive Museum offers an  unique and separate glimpse of American History.

History buffs will be astonished by the classy way the museum exposed the  intricacies of how society tried to press people of color and how these same Americans  triumphed under the stress. Men  and women heavy from opposition became inventors, businessmen,politicians, and artist .

The National Black Doll Museum  mission statement,as stated in the museums brochure, is to present an educational and cultural museum dedicated to preserving the history and Artistry of Black dolls. The museum aims to nurture self esteem, promote cultural diversity and preserve the history of black dolls through collecting and education. The Museum non threatening environment encourages  true dialogues on cultural differences. These goals are specifically accomplished by hosting  unique seminars, group and school tours, workshops, creative birthday parties and special  events.

The museum is open Monday - Thursday  from 12 to 5 pm and  evenings  by appointment. Debra Britt is available for in school presentations throughout the States. Please call (774) 284-4729 for more information. 

According to The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition. 2002, George Santayana, a Spanish-born American author. wrote "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Studying history is necessary to avoid repeating past mistakes.

National Black Doll Museum History and Culture is constantly changing.  October will feature  exhibits on Black Soldiers. Lest we forget thier important role in History.


African American History is complexed.  The National Black Doll Museum  History and Culture and the wonderful staff, uses dolls, exhibits, lighting and the positive  atmosphere to makes a family trip to Mansfield Mass easy.  As the National  Black Museum states in it's brochure. Our Story is Herstory...Take the journey with us! 

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