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These three dolls are similar but their marks are completely different.   All three dolls are eight inches tall with bisque heads and paper mache bodies. They all have fixed eyes, single stoke eye brows, open mouth with teeth and nose dots. But their       marks and face molds are different. The wigs are re-styled and the clothes  are vintage, but  may not be original. 

According to the German Encyclopedia 1800-1930 by Jurgen & Marianne Cieslik,The doll to the left,with the bow tie, may be a Theodor Recknagel. Their research sows that the Recknagel Porcelain Factory was in Alexandrienthal Coburg. In 1893 and 1897 the Cieslik found documentation that the factory made Black dolls as early as 1893 and in 1897. This doll with the white bow tie is marked: Made in Germany/201. 8/0 DEP. 

Theodor Recknagel

Porzellanfabrik Rauenstein

This little mystery doll appears to be a Porzellanfabrik Rauenstein. This doll has the very distinctive cross flag symbol. She is marked: Made in Germany/ No. (Cross flags) 8 0/G. The cross flags are shown in the Dictionary of Doll Marks by Jean Bach. Ms. Bach notes on page 102 that the letter "C" was  usually used in conjunction with the cross penants or a mold number.


Dictionary of Doll Marks by Jean Bach A Sterling/Main Street Book, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. New York    


 Dictionary of Doll Marks by Jean Bach A Sterling/Main Street Book, Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. New York


The doll in the red strip appears to be a Gebr. Knoch.  Quoting The German Encyclopedia 1800-1930, page (162), Black dolls were made by the 

Gerb. Knoch Company. This doll bears one type of the Knoch marking. The doll in the red stripped dress is marked with the “trademark gekreuzte knochen (crossbones) 185 19/0. It does not appear to be marked with DEP.


Made in Germany/201. 8/0 DEP. 



Second Doll

Made in Germany/ No. (Cross flags) 8 0/G. Theodor Recknagel used cross nails,

Third Doll



 185 19/0

Gebruder Knoch

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The dolls are ready for School with new or re-styled wigs and clean dresses. DH wants to talk smack about the amount of money spent on getting them ready,but that is OK. They are worth it!

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3 Bisque  Dolls







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