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(c) 2013 Maribeth

(c) 2013 Maribeth


We had a delightful time corresponding with Maribeth about her Beautiful Cloth Dolls and documents.  The whole process of discover and  discovery took weeks but it was worth it.  It started as a simple exploratory question from Maribeth  about  some old dolls.  We were thinking, "Why do you think the dolls are old?" Maribeth answer was amazing! Come on, you must admit  the background story and documents are amazing! But, there is still more, we did not share all the information because we want to keep you coming back in anticipate of the next tidbit! 



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Lederhosen is German for short. Germany  host a 17 day Beer festival in October. Therefore, the Doll committee choose a Black Heubach in Lederhosen to usher in Autumn.

We hope you agree on our choice

Heubach in Lederhosen

It's a Topsy - Turvy World

We were working hard to to identify Maribeth's dolls.  Then suddenly, Bev went off the rails completely and started playing with her Topsy turvy dolls. Hopefully, she will get back to work and identify them. Until then,

Enjoy the issue!

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This site is dedicated to the preservation of Black doll history.We are focused on antique and vintage dolls that represent people of color throughout the world.

Maribeth's Cloth Dolls

Welcome to Black Dolls From the Pasta a website focused on Antique and Vintage Old Black Dolls Representing People of Color throughout the World
Is There An Ecco?Sue L. wants to know more about this doll

Norah Wellings Conserving cloth Dolls

Bottle  Doll De-constructed 
(c) 2013 Maribeth