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One ongoing controversy that Debbie tackled involves how Mrs. Michelle Obama’s image was portrayed in doll form. In 2009, The Danbury Mint Company advertised a beautiful artist rendition of what was to be a future doll. Based on that photo, numerous dolls were pre-ordered. When the doll finally arrived, some people were very disappointed because the actual doll was quite different from the advertised image. 

Debbie published a blog post about the discrepancy in the production doll and the prototype. She believed the company should have advertised the exact doll being sold and not a concept doll. Anything else was a bait and switch tactic to create sales. After reading her blog, The Danbury Mint contacted Garrett with images of a restyled Mrs. Obama doll, which still did not resemble the images they advertised, but was a decent attempt on their part to provide customer satisfaction. Their restyled doll can be seen in one of Debbie’s blog posts 

The Danbury Mint also offered to restyle Debbie’s doll, but Debbie had already returned the doll for a refund.


All collectors should insist on a true representation of the doll or item they pre-order. The next Danbury Mint portrait doll of Mrs. Obama is due later this year. Debbie has written a post about this doll. The search box on the home page of her blog can be used to locate past posts about “Michelle Obama” dolls and other Black-dolls. 

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