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Dolling in Adamstown,Pennsylvania,





The U.S.A. Antiques Capital.

It is fun to hunt for dolls during Extravaganza in Adamstown, Pennsylvania, the U.S.A. Antiques Capital. Three times a year the antique shops, antique flea market, and Maw and Pa yard sales from along 7 miles of Route 272 have extended hours and store wide discounts off marked items. These special week-ends are called extravaganza. During this period the sellers want to sell, and buyers want the deal. Dear Hubby (DH) and I headed to Pennsylvania early Friday Morning with great expectation of finding new dolls.


In the second stop on our journey everything in the shop had a special 10% extravaganza discount. I was thrilled when I found four Black nut head dolls in mint condition. The same showcase also held an early Black cloth folk doll in the same styles as these nut heads. I had to get them all. The dolls with discount, and adding tax, came to $28 each.


Last week, I was positive I was selling the last fine example of handmade American Folk Art dolls. I had wondered if I was cutting to hard into my permanent collection to raise some money for even more dolls. Then WOW just like that, I have four replacements. It does not usual work that easy. I have waited years to replace some dolls I have sold. It was during Extravaganza that I saw my only real life Leo Moss doll. It was on preview at Morphy Auction House and Antique center on the strip. I was so excited, the House actual gave me a catalog!


We were in Pennsylvania for less than 24 hours and I had managed to spend $500, including hotel, food, gas and stuff for my collection and for you. We had planned to stay the week-end but by 10:30 we were back at the hotel to beat their 11:00 am checkout time and home bound to Connecticut. I am typing this from my Microsoft surface on the New Jersey turnpike with $25.00 in my pocket. Next time I will plan on buying memorabilia  and then will end up with a super great dolls, that is how it works at Extravaganza.


The next Extravaganza week end is September 25- 29 2013 for more information go to

P.S. Other reasons to go: QVC has their Outlet less than 20 minutes from the strip, in LancasterPennsylvania. If I ever leave Adamstown with money, I’m going there.

Happy Dolling,


Flea Market Find

College Mart,CT


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