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          Who is this Jim Dandy?


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By B.W.Flowers

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary “Jim Dandy” is an adjective and describes something excellent.  This Black antique doll certainly is.


He is 11 inches tall and15 inches with the top hat. He is mounted on his own stand. The Black doll has amber fixed eyes and black human hair. He is made of a type of composition. The clothes are vintage and fitted to his body. His markings can not be seen.


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  When Dear Hubby saw the Price Tag


My DH prompted me to move on; I could buy a few dolls for  the price of that one doll, perhaps even a small car. However, from an aisle away, I spotted a man in a suit, who looked way richer then me. He was talking about my doll to the dealer.  What nerve, I had to take quick action. I ran back and throw myself on the floor. Grabbing the dealer’s leg, in a very dignified way, I screamed “ He’s mine, He’s mine,  tell the bad man to go away you sold the doll to me!"  DH just shook his head and mumbled that’s just Jim Dandy.


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