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It's Oktoberfest!


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Black Dolls from the Past


 Me:  "I really Love this  doll"


DH:  "We are Broke"


Me:  "I 'm really feeling  this doll. 


DH: How do you feel about fried Baloney sandwiches


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1) Antique Doll Collectors Magaizine Article by MaryAnn K.Hall February 2002.

2) Ebay Seller Trilliumhouse


I did not ask to examine the doll's mark. Frankly, I did not care at the time. I simple liked the doll and wanted him. Ok, I will come clean, I knew if he did not have the correct mark it would be harder to pry money out of my Dear Hubby's fingers, so why put myself through the agony and lecture on" authenticity of a doll means everything", blah, blah, woof, woof. So, needless to say, I brought the doll quickly before the question and answer period.

I was happy for a few weeks until I spotted a Gerburder Heubach with a different body style on Ebay. Then I suddenly wanted to know everything about my doll. I wanted to peel the onion to find out exactly what I brought. I took off his shirt to discovered he was a shoulder head doll. The white cloth body ws stuffed with straw. The head was marked: 3/76 ( Starburst) 57/DEP Germany. He measured 13 inches tall. His shoes have bows with a pronounced heal on the sole.



I brought this Gerbruder Heubach at the Delaware Valley Doll Club of New Jersey from a Dealer who offered this doll along with several beautiful authentic Heubach figurines. He had the classic intaglio, indented eyes, made famous by Heubach. I had to add him to my collection, so I brought him!

The dealer had redressed him to represent a German workman. The lederhosen he is wearing shows off his legs. Lederhosen

are leather work pants and can be worn either long or short.

I still wanted to know more about my Black antique Heubach doll. I jumped into my reference books. Eventually, I dug up an Antique Doll Collectors Magazine from February 2002. In the magazine was an article by MaryAnn K. Hall. Ms. Hall pointed out that Gebruder Heubach doll heads appeared on many body types. The bodies had various qualities. She went on to explain how some Heubachs have" undistinguished papier mache hands, then again, sometimes they have nice bisque hands. My doll has beautiful long fingers and limbs.

Mrs. Hall's article in Antique Doll Collector Magazine gives an example using a 22 inch White Heubach lady. The lady doll has a stuffed body with well detailed fingers and legs. The legs have the same stockings and delicate molded bows and heals on the shoes. The body and shoe description sounded like my doll but she did not mention the manufacturer of that body. Now I want to know more about my dolls body.

This winter I'm going to try to pin point some of the manufacturer of my Heubach's body type. But today it's the start of Oktoberfest, time to put the dolls aside and enjoy a cold beer with Dear Hubby. Well... as I glance over to the sofa, he really is into this football stuff... I wonder he will care if I flip through a few Doll Readers Magazines instead?

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