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Focused on Vintage and Antique Black Dolls             

Focused on Vintage and Antique Black Dolls


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by Beverly W. Flowers




I was very frustrated at the pace of finding Black dolls. I could not afford many of the beautiful bisque dolls available at doll shows. This was before EBay and all of that. Or at least, Internet selling was considered very risky for big money sales.

Anyway, I had turned 35 years old and had banned DH from celebrating or even talk about it.

However, I did accept DH offered to spend the day antiquing at one of our favorite spots, the ".







8 inches

Marked: 50 11/0

Made in

German X under a curve


Black pupil less eyes

Real human wig

Open mouth

Bare feet


5 piece composition body

Clothes all original with white cap

Has a Honorable mention ribbon from the Dollology doll club in Washington, D.C.







Doll Neck


Old Saybrook Antique Market in Connecticut and end with a seafood Lunch. We would split aisle during our antiquing. So I went one way and he the other.

Eventually, DH calls me over to show me this doll. It was way to much money for me. My heart sunk. Then it occurred to me that DH, HAD NOT DONE A DARN THING FOR MY BIRTHDAY! I just glared at him. He simple said " OK but you are paying for Lunch and... the tip

Specializing in Vintage and Antique Black Dolls            

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