Black Dolls From The Past


OOPs.... I carelessly picked up one of my bottle dolls. Over the years the stitching on the bottom of the sock had  slowly started to unravel. I should have lifting the bottle up  by placing my hand under the  bottom of the bottle and supporting the doll. 

I was sick when the doll unraveled in my hand. At first, I wanted to blame Dear Hubby for not reminding me to be careful. But, he was not in ear shot. Instead, I decided to focus on finding out how the bottle was put together and explore  any other interesting  facts about this unique doll. 

I hope you enjoy this pictorial of the de-construction on my black bottle doll. 

A Bottle Doll 


Notice the black thread around the waist. It acts a "stop" to keep the sock from riding up the bottle and also creates the full chest of the doll 

The inside head is a balled up sock that rest on the top of the bottle  

The bottle is sealed by parchment paper and twine.

The bottom is embossed Casey Duraglas 1948

(c) 2013 Beverly Flower

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The dress is labeled: Wards     Longs Wear Bed Size Double