Black Dolls From The Past
Speacializing in Vintage and Antique Black dolls 

American Black Folk Dolls

From Nuts to Apples

& Crepes to Tiny Cloths

By B.W. Flowers

Old Vintage and Antique Black Dolls were made out of common items that could be converted into a plaything for a child. 


Black Apple Head Dolls are carved from apples and dried. These dolls usually range from 6 to 10 tall.

Crepe Paper Dolls are very delicate handmade three dimension dolls. Usually the doll is mounted on a base with the description of the character. These are 7 inches tall.

Tiny cloths or small cloths are the “Barbie” of the rag doll. These tiny cloths are usual a scaled down human form, and usually have accessories. In general all kinds of black folk dolls are disappearing into private collections.


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