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This site is dedicated to the preservation of Black doll history.

We are focused on antique and vintage dolls

that represent people of color throughout the world.


Focused on Vintage and Antique Black Dolls



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Beverly W. Flowers


October 1, 2013

About Us

Black Dolls from the Past is website  focused on antique and vintage dolls that represent people of color throughout the world.







 if you want  to share or promote  your own website or are selling a unique Black doll tell us about her. After all Antique Black is about Black dolls.

We love a mystery! Bring on your Old Vintage and Antique dolls for show and tell. Yes, you can promote your own site!  You have to be the contact person for any sales. We might have to limit the amount of dolls on our site and we might have to refuse a doll. Remember our readers  are collectors so they all want to learn, buy, and  collect.

 We are having fun learning all this new stuff and meeting such fantastic people. Please continue to check back here for new doll information, announcements and updates.


Thanks for your support

Bev Flowers



We are in the process of switching web site host. This means cutting and pasting old stories and creating new web pages.  We are old school, therefore the process is slower than we thought. 


Please e-mail Bev at if you would like to contact her. Encouragement is WELCOMED or simply tell her about a broken link.


We can not help you price your doll because we buy Black dolls, Toys and memorabilia. We hope to do an article about appraisors. but we are not appraisors so we can not give you a value for your dolls. We hope to get you in touch with the community out  in the doll world who can help you. That community is our readers, so please, if you  have information about any doll you see on the web site please write us.